[LumenRT 11] How to export the Sculptable Terrain?

Trying to apply a river mesh to sculptable terrain. In order to do so, I am wrapping a river plane against a terrain grid mesh in a 3D modelling program. It is not precise enough as the heightmap application algorithms differ between the 3D modelling program and LumenRT.

So I would like to export the LumenRT sculptable terrain into a 3D mesh file.

I've found that opening a LumenRT scene generates a terrain .bin file within a AppData temporary folder. The BIN file seems to be VUE related, but I have been unable to open it in e-on's VUE Infinite.

I've also tried to do it with Python programming, which with LumenRT 11 is now an option. Even though there is a function that spits out all altitudes of the EONTerrain, I cannot pinpoint the EONTerrain object as it does not appear in ObjectList(). Perhaps Sculptable Terrain is either not VUE Terrain or extendes the EONTerrain?

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