How do I change the default LumenRT Save location to D Drive? - C Drive (SSD) keeps filling up!

How do we change the default LumenRT save path from C Drive -> users -> documents -> Bentley etc?

I moved my documents folder to my D Drive (3TB) as my C Drive is a 256GB SSD. Our average LumenRT file is 2-4GB, but LumenRT is still saving to the old scenes folder on the C Drive!

Could not find the option in any of the settings - Please help as moving files is a pain (the recent files list can't find them once moved).



  • Hi Max,

    There are two ways to do this:

    1. Re-install LumenRT and specify a new documents path

    2. Carefully edit the document path line in the LumenRT 2016.reg file located at:

    "C:\ProgramData\e-onsoftware\LumenRT 2016.reg"

    Make sure you only change the path characters and do not delete any special end of line characters:

    Answer Verified By: Dr Maxwell Mallia-Parfitt 

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