Denoiser for Mstn Rendering?

Noticed this vid of Synchro which uses Iray denoiser to cut down rendering times.

Iray looks interesting. Don't know much about it apart from it being a GPU renderer.

Anyone using denoisers in Mstn?

Seems like denoisers are GPU based.Vue is also going CPUGPU.

On the roadmap?

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  • Interesting vid on real-time raytracing and the use of denoisers.

    Vue Render 2 also sprouted a hybrid CPU/GPU path tracer. But no mention of a desnoiser... yet?

    According to this old blogpost, uni-directional PT is good for exterior renders but not so good for internal rendering. Presumably, Vue Render 2 uses uni-directional PT being mainly a terrain rendering app. Hopefully, there will be some way to use another rendering pipeline for fast interiors? Energy redistribution PT + denoiser?

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