LumenRT - Cannot Export Scene from One Machine to Another

I am creating scenes on one machine and want to render videos on these scenes on another. Both machines have LumenRT Update 10 installed. When I try to load the scene on the machine for rendering, it fails at 11% every time and I am getting this error: 

If that is not legible, the error states: "Sorry, Failed to load Data. File seems corrupted. The application will close."

The scene is not corrupted as the file still loads on the machine with which it was created. I read another user had issues with large file sizes. These scenes are <1GB. 

Any ideas?

  • Scene assets? The scene is created on export from Microstation. I do not have control over Lumen installation folder path. I have verified the content libraries are the same. Can you provide a little more guidance on specifically what files/folders would need to have same relative path? 

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