Luxology History (BIMG folder) configuration variables

Could someone tell me what is configuration variable to set the Luxology History folder path ?

IN V8i it was local (user/appdatata/Bentley/temp...or something like that)

but in CONNECT it is now points in my shared network Workset directory. And this is bad because every user connected to this workset can see them.

I would like to reverse it to a local location. I konw that it can be done via the Preferences/Render menu but i would like to add it at Organization level (standards.cfg).

I hope my question is clear ?



  • HI Christophe

    Have you tried adding this variable at Organisation level

    MS_LUXOLOGY_HISTORY = [PATH])/Images/Luxology_Render_History/

    or you can use a variable in the path i.e.

    AIS_VISUALS = W:/12345_ProjectName/out/

    MS_LUXOLOGY_HISTORY = $(AIS_VISUALS)Images/Luxology_Render_History/


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