[LumenRT] How do we recall a Microstation saved view ?

How can I load a microstation saved view into LumenRT ?

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  • how accurate will the resultant Imported Clip view be in LumenRT?

    Hi Max,

    My experience has been that the camera is positioned correctly, but the focal length is wrong.

    The camera in LumenRT appears to have a crop factor of about 1.32x

    Once you've done your Photomatch, find the focal length of the lens in MicroStation by opening the Camera Lens dialog (key-in DIALOG CAMERA). This will display the Focal Length of a specified view.

    Once you know MicroStations camera focal length you can multiply it by the LumenRT crop factor (1.32x) to determine the equivalent LumenRT focal length.

    To accurately adjust the focal length in LumenRT I do the following:

    1. Click on the desired keyframe and then make a new clip base on that keyframe.
    2. In the timeline toggle the keyframes to Splines. 
    3. Activate only the Camera Focal spline (the green spline)
    4. Select the control points.
    5. Right click on a control point and select Numerical input...
    6. Enter the LumenRT focal length (the MicroStation focal length multiplied by the 1.32x) into the Value: field. Click Ok to see the results. 

    This method allows much finer adjustment of the focal length than the slider in the LumenRT camera settings.

    If you follow this method you should be able to get the LumenRT camera to match your MicroStation Photomatch camera, and thus your original photo.