LumenRT (CONNECT Edition) crashes when exporting FBX from AECOsim

LumenRT (CONNECT Edition) crashes when exporting FBX file from AECOsim (AECOsim Building Designer CONNECT Edition Update 4 - Version into LumenRT.
The progress bar reaches 86% within 2 minutes but the from 'generating object: 2600 items progressed' and above the progress of items progressed is very slow, e.g. 2608 after 10 minutes. I have tried this 3 times and it has crashed each time. For my last attempt it crashed at 2608 after about 11 minutes.
The FBX file and AECOsim files are about 250mb each.
Laptop spec shown in screenshots
I have submitted an Error Log Status Report. The report ID is C9CE6BB3-41A5-42F3-8E5E-34272836182A
I have submitted a Service Request number 7000898259
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