LumenRT Grass rendering issue - please help

For some reason, the color of the grass has turned to a lime yellow! It looks very bad and I'm unabe to set/complete my rendering. This is very urgent - please help.

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  • Hi Rohini,

    why when installing update 11, Update 5's content gets installed onto Program data folder?

    The name of the directory in which LumenRT is installed is determined by the version number of the installer unless there is a previous version already installed. If installed over a previous version, the new version just installs into the old directory without changing the directory name to reflect the change. This seems to be true of the LumenRT Content as well. This can be very confusing. 

    I suggest uninstalling previous versions of LumenRT, and the old version's directories if any still remain, before you install the latest version. This has been working for me.