MicroStation to Blender workflow?

I've seen a few posts show up in the search results for Blender. I'm wondering if anyone here has established a workflow for making MicroStation 3D Models usable in Blender?

What I'm looking for is:

  • Export Format
  • Export Settings (including any necessary working unit settings)
  • Import Settings within Blender
  • Additional initial steps within Blender (geometry cleanup etc..)

I recently did an initial test and the only file format format I had some success was OBJ but I'm about to make a more concerted effort and was curious if OBJ is still the way to go or if FBX or other is the better route to go down?

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  • Now when Bentley have totally ruined Microstation's rendering capabilities with half-baked VUE engine our company dumped VUE and started to use Lumion for rendering. I like Lumion a lot, because learning curve is super easy. We tested Blender, the standalone version of Vue and Twinmotion before purchasing Lumion but all of them were far more complex to use, mainly because they are modeling tools as well. Lumion is solely designed for rendering and decorationg 3D-models with vegetation, furniture, people, cars etc. So, we still use Microstation for 3D-modeling and export the models to Lumion in dwg / obj. format. Lumion seems to be quick and reliable it your video card has plenty of memory available (8Gb is an absolute minimum). These images, for example, where I have a 1,5km by 1,5km city model in the background, will be rendered in less than 2 minutes in 4K resolution (3840x2160 pixels) when I render it with a GeForce RTX 3080Ti laptop. Animations are super easy to do as well. Lumion more expensive than Blender or Vue but it has a floating lisence which helps alot in team work.