Twinmotion for free to November

Hello my friends and all the fans of visualisation.

I found that today the Unreal Twinmotion 2019 is for free to download . If anyone want to try. 

Dear administrator please remove my post if you feel that is needed, because i don't know if i can put links to other soft,

but i feel that is good free occasion to test it

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  • We've been using Lumion since version 9, with Microstation.

    We're using Lumion 10 now.

    It's very user friendly, and the integration with Microstation is great.

    Renderings that used to take us hours, now only takes less than a minute, if that.

    The FBX export works great, as I can have both Lumion and Microstation open. Make changes in Microstation. Export the changes.

    Update the Lumion file, and render the changes in minutes.

    I had the project Architect sitting next to me, and we were doing changes on the fly.

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