LumenRT Staged Animation

I am looking for guidance on how to setup "staged animation" within LumenRT. It is demonstrated in Bentley's video here:

  • Hello Jon,

    Here you can try to play with this setting to get something like, you see in the you-tube video.

    Please have a look.



    Ankur Ashesh

  • To add to Ankurs suggestion here is a description of each setting shown:

    Use the Speed bar to set the speed of the animation.

    The Start After setting will halt the animation for the specified number of seconds at the start of each animation loop.

    Repeat After controls when the animation loops back to the starting point. If the Repeat After setting is set to a value longer than the animation sequence, the object will halt at the end of the path until the repeat after period is reached.

    Offset Start offsets the entire animation sequence from time zero on the animation time line. This allows staging multiple animation sequence such as pedestrians crossing an intersection followed by cars proceeding through the same intersection.