Traffic Problem

Hi Guys,

Creation a traffic simulation in Microstation using Lumen vehicles cell library looks fine - cars are coming on the path line (picture attached) and they are moving on preview animation tool as well. 

After exporting into Lumen there are two options keep coming. The first one is: cars appear from time to time into different places for a couple of seconds. So the good thing is they are moving but not along the path they are supposed to. Another option is: all the cars are visible right after Lumen starts but are not moving. The good thing is they all are visible.

Both options are not kind of result to be glad about.

Creation of simple four-corner shape and simple line object as a path just to check the software is working looks fine (picture attached) in both Microstation and Lumen.

Possible conclusion is something wrong with surface or paths which are in used .

It would be not so bad if someone tried to chech those two guys on his/her machine please. It could take a couple of minutes. File is attached.

Thank You for Your time.

Lumen: Bentley LumenRT CONNECT Edition - Update 4. Builld:

Bentley PowerCivil for Sweden V8i (ss4). Version




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