LumenRT - Disappointment

I have to say Im disappointed with LumenRT.  I've been using it for a few weeks now and have picked up many gripes with it but my biggests relates to the content that comes shippped with the software.

I have the latest update 12 on my machine and the content is very American, which doesn't suit me in the UK.  Further to that it seems there is no option to extend the content libraries or make your own?  Looking to start a discussion abou tthis just incase Im missing something 


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  • there is a limited number of vehicles with drivers,

    Perhaps Bentley/E-on can incorporate a simple switch to turn on/off the driver, so one can use the same vehicle for both traffic and parking lots.

    let us know how their libraries are created so that we could create our own custom characters

    Most large cities have their own distinctive tram cars or subway, often articulated. Busses are mostly regional companies, changing every five years due to tenders. Would be nice to incorporate those vehicles into our library. With passengers, so busses don't drive around empty.

    LumenRT update 3

    Ivo Blaauw
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    Look what the CAD dragged in...