LumenRT: How to influence flying birds with windspeed.

Flying birds do not respond to windspeed. Can this be altered somehow?

See ani for what I'd like to achieve.

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LumenRT Update3

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  • Martial Eagles soaring in the thermals

    Actually the sideway circling movement was inspired by a Tawny Eagle I saw once. Although I could easily add an upward movement in Microstation to mimic thermic, I have no use for it in the Netherlands.

    I could use some sparrows flying short bursts or hopping around the perimeter. Or pigeons fighting over bread crumbs and harassing tourists. But than again, birds are just extras,  it is not about them.

    get this to internal team

    Thank you for listening Ankur.

    Ivo Blaauw
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    Look what the CAD dragged in...

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