Why has my scene stopped showing me the landscape?

Ok so I'm doing a fairly large model export (took 6 hrs to get into Lumen from Microstation connect 13) the first scene it generated "with the export" was ok until I changed the terrain and now I have no ground the mountains in the distance are pixilated like an 8 BIT game and then I hit zoom extents and I'm looking at a white block in the middle of the darkness and I can get back to my model. what happened??? I even turn off all the layers so that no object are viewed and still the scene doesn't correct itself, if I load another terrain it gives me a pixilated backround and no ground...

so the picture here is now how this scene opens... if I zoom extents it shows me a white block in the middle of the screen and I cant find my model again

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  • So i figured it out, turn out our design coordinator's host model had scale issues due to the PU values being different from the models that were referenced, in saying this i came to the forums to post on a new topic that relates to this post as well, OPEN BUILDINGS is letting me down in the respects that simple microstation connect 13 performs WAY BETTER IN EVERY REGARD and helped me export this model i was discussing here in half the time with more stability, look out for my next post to fully understand what im intending on explaining here

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