LumenRT Scenes can we create our own?

Is there a way to create a LumenRT scene and adding it to the standard scene selection tab when starting up the program? I would like to create a blank scene  much like "simple ground" only without the sky and clouds and a flat black terrain, so really a blank scene that ignores the "real world feel" just to take advantage of lumenRT's lighting and VR capability for model reviews that don't need the environment until much later on. it also helps with doing fly through videos where a client doesn't want to see hills and sky just the model.

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  • Let me give the HDR map a try and i will attempt a sphere to enclose the model, i do however have an issue presenting on the model with that too, since it seems that when you breach the "design cube" limitations the lighting does work as one would think, for example inside a closed box i was still getting shadows and there was no transparency set to the box itself. the model im working on is also set to get bigger so i will keep the thread upadted with the changes and work-arounds i find to get this looking good

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