3D Linestyles - Some materials and elements not working

Hi all

I'm working in MicroStation CONNECT Edition U12 (actually ORD 2019 Release 2) and I'm having some issues with creating custom 3D linestyles.

There are two issues:

  • Materials assigned to elements that make up cells for point components in the linestyle do not display correctly.
  • One of my elements (a 3D guardrail post) does not render as a solid/ mesh, but the rest of the components do.

In the screenshot below, the elements used to create the linestyle are shown (guardrail rail, flared ends, spacer block, and post) and to the right is how the linestyle displays when used. The guardrail posts show as wireframe instead of a solid... The materials aren't as big an issue as the posts. Anyone know how to fix this?

To the left is how the linestyle should display, with materials and all solid/ mesh elements. To the right is how the linestyle appears.

The guardrail posts are Smart Solids, the spacer block is a Slab, the rails are Extrusion Surfaces, and the flared ends are Smart Surfaces.

Kind Regards