OpenRoads Designer (or Power GEOPAK) + VISSIM + LumenRT workflow?

Could someone provide an overview of how these three tools are best used in conjuction with each other?  Particularly, how do you get your roadway model from ORD/GEOPAK turned into a VISSIM network?  

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  • Thanks, David.  So say we've got the completed design in ORD.  Am I correct that the proposed workflow is that we should import our alignments and profiles to Concept Station and model it again, export that as an inpx file, add traffic to that in VISSIM, save the ani.txt file, and then go back tot the original model in ORD and export to LumenRT with the ani.txt file?

    That is correct.

    Does the ConceptStation model, at least with regard to the travel lanes that carry the animated traffic, have to match exactly the ORD model?

    This is a proposed workflow so am not entirely sure but the goal would be to match the location and geometry of the lanes where cars would travel. 

    Our finished ORD models have gone through a lot of detailed refinement (adjusted superelevation, cross-slopes tweaked, lane widths overriden at certain locations, and so on).  Is ConceptStation capable of faithfully reproducing all of these tweaks?  And if it is not, does that mean we will see vehicles clipping the roadway or floating above it or riding on two wheels in the areas where the models do not match?

    I'm not completely familiar with all the capabilities of ConceptStation so you may have to inquire one of our Civil experts either through the forum or a Service Request.

    As far as if roadway clipping that may be possible if the geometry is way off. Floating shouldnt occur as the closest surface is searched for and used when the cars are imported.