CONNECT still slow

I have some problems .

The file size is only about 800 MB -  i put some xfrog trees etc..  I have NVME disks and  Nvidia 1080 GTX

It's horrible to change tree, move tree or change materials. Even rotate and refresh the window need few seconds. Any suggestion ?


  • Hi Martin,

    You should have used shared cells for all the trees and plants these are what is taking so long to load and display. I would delete all of them compress the file and place shared cells using our Populate tool. The Xfrog trees from European 3 are all to heavy unless the whole point of the render is to see a tree. If you use the ones from European 1 or 2 they are much smaller. In any case using shared cells for these will make your file load and display faster and also they will be replicators in Luxology and render faster as well.

    I had David Stradley who works on our display engine have a look and here is what he found. I am not sure where the cells that are on the last two levels in list below came from but they are the slowest.

    Levels Num Disp Elem Disp Elem ms Tot QV ms
    Off 6959 60 114
    Leaves 6959 60 117
    Plants 6966 61 118
    Shrubs 6971 75 139
    A-DRZEWA 6986 284 440
    Tree 6898 294 661
    A-TRAWY KRZEWY2 7048 992 1092
    A-TRAWY KRZEWY 25565 1045 1109

    All 24974 2432 2865

    Hope this helps,


  • Hi Jerry,

    thanks a lot for taking care of the analysis!

    It's funny how things and best practices has changed: In the past, it was recommended to do not use shared cells for rendering, because plenty of issues (memory consumption, performance, robustness) existed when there were plenty of shared cells in model. Now the shared cells, accordingly to your information, are the way for better performance. Still learning something new ;-)

    Seeing the numbers, I am thinking about:

    • Whether Update 14 will bring display performance increase? I know the performance consists from more parts, but whereas e.g. optimization at API level is somehow visible (at least for developers), changes, enhancements and plans for display engine itself are not discussed.
    • Whether there are plans to support DirectX 12 or Vulkan APIs that without any doubts offer much better performance compared to DirectX 11.
    • And finally, why MicroStation is still so slow compared to what every gaming engine offer (but I am aware to display something and to be interactive are two very different things).



  • Thank you Jerry and of course David.

    What is the problem :

    - we have only Europe 3 pack and a few other trees

    - we have landscape plans and need the same trees or similar to put on  

    Best is use SharedContent but no trees i need ( some Acers for example )

    But many thanks for the tips with shared cells.

  • The Silver Linden is from Europe 1, I deleted all the vegetation except for the Shrubs, and Plants levels. Your file was over 900MB after deleting most of the vegetation file was down to around 19 MB I then created a library of the following trees and used populate tool to add them all over the place the file size then was 66 MB and performance was great.