Select objects through transparency

In v8i I'm able to select these objects or snap to points along the yellow line THROUGH the glass box.

In CE it seems I'm not able to do so. What am I doing wrong?

PS. I have Disable Drag Operations checked in both v8i and CE, but I don't think this is related to the problem.





  • What setting have you got under;

    File > Settings > User > Preferences > Input > Locate Interiors 

    In v8i the default was Never, and in connect it seems to be  Visible

  • Thanks - I've now tried all options; Never/ Visible/ Always.

    Never; will not select anything inside the glass box (no matter how far in I zoom)

    Visible; First attempt at a tentative snap always shoots to a keypoint on the edge of the glass box, second attempt will select the object I want.

    Always; same as Visible.

    v8i quickly and accurately selects the geometry I want - something must be wrong with my CE settings, or is this standard behavior in CE. I really hope not.

    By the way - it something wrong with the Communities site? Posts take several minutes to load.

  • Thanks for your reply, but my problem remains.

    CE's preference settings are different (offering fewer options), but I've set both to be "Never". Your suggestion that I "MUST be behind that surface" is incorrect because I'm able to snap to hidden vertices in v8i, and have always done so.

    Using Wireframe is not practical for complex models - I work in Illustration mostly. It worked perfectly in v8i - so I don't want to change my workflows. Constantly rotating my models to see geometry on the other side is not practical when I know a vertex is there and I want to snap to it.

    Focus distance and camera settings are not relevant to the problem - this applies to any type of view (close/ far/ wide angle/ isometric).

    My right-click is for datapoint reset - do you mean scrolling through tentative datapoints to find alternative geometry? I've set that to Alt>Data (never understood how anyone could the left/right chord as a tentative datapoint).

    I also use the 3D Connexion mouse, but mostly for setting up rendering views in Microstation, and always in LumenRT and Google Earth. View Rotate around a vertex is far more accurate and efficient for general 3D modeling.

    Here again is a summary of the issues - CE is not usable for me in these current circumstances. Again, hoping someone could help change that.


  • In CE I have set my "Locate Interiors" option to "Always" and it does find points hidden on the other side of shaded geometry, but you have to tentative several times to "drill" through the object. Something has has changed from v8i as it seem to order the "drilling" by "depth", and not "point closest too", the tentative point.

    However also look at UN-TICKING the:  AccuSnap settings box  > Elements > Find Elements By: > Interior of Filled Elements

  • Hi Max,

    in my opinion, what mentioned should solve the problem: In AccuSnap Settings dialog, to switch off Find Elements By: Interior of Filled Elements.

    With regards,


  • Thanks for your responses Robert & Jan. Switching off AccuSnap settings box  > Elements > Find Elements By: > Interior of Filled Elements has made no difference.

    You're right - something has changed. With Locate Interiors set to Always, I can indeed tentative "drill" through objects to select the geometry I want - but it's so much more cumbersome than the v8i approach.

    That partially solves my first problem, but it still doesn't allow me to rotate the view around a selected point. I have to switch off the layer showing the transparent box (assuming it's on it's own layer) before I can snap to exposed geometry to rotate a view about a point. This is seriously regressive to the way I work.

  • Switching off AccuSnap settings box  > Elements > Find Elements By: > Interior of Filled Elements has made no difference.

    It's weird, because with this setting switched off, AccuSnap identifies boxes inside transparent cube without any problem.

    MicroStation CE U14, Windows 10, AMD Radeon RX5700.

    Works both in Visible and Always modes and also both in Transparent and Illustration renderings.

    With regards,


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