Select objects through transparency

In v8i I'm able to select these objects or snap to points along the yellow line THROUGH the glass box.

In CE it seems I'm not able to do so. What am I doing wrong?

PS. I have Disable Drag Operations checked in both v8i and CE, but I don't think this is related to the problem.





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  • Thanks again for your help, Jan.

    Accusnap actually does find those boxes for me (as shown in your version), but without Accusnap; to draw a line from the corner of one of them I have to tentative snap multiple times before getting to the point I want (Locate Interior Always).I generally don't use Accusnap - I know the point I want to snap to and don't need an automated point finder.

    For Rotate View (with Accusnap enabled or not enabled), it won't snap to anything inside the big transparent box - just its edges.

    You've added your specs - could it be related to software/ hardware spec? (although I've tested on a lower spec laptop, with the same problems)

    Microstation CE, Windows 10 Pro Build 18363, Quadro M4000