How to get rid of exact vehicle in animation

Hello Lumen Users

In any other situation there would be no complaints but now...

Data. Animation created in MS with exact number of manually chosen vehicles. Kind of 10-15 particular vehicles. It looks fine in Lumen

Issue. I did not notice the moment when a lot number of cars participating in animation was changed with lambo aventador. A lot in my case means not one or two but almost all vehicles. So almost that two lambo meet each other in two directions. And twice in a row with distance of ca 300 m. Four aventadors on a half km of a road is kind of not wanted density of lamborghini in this particular case

Not sure at all but possible reason. Been busy with creating rest of environment in my lrt model (people/trees/animals etc) with animation on lambo exchange could happen on 3rd or 23rd animation loop. Scene was saved with this option of animation.

Theoretical question. what is possible reason of not wanted cars which were not chosen coming to animation with not asking permission ?

Not succeed try. Lob file was removed from content/vehicles/sportcars folder

Noticed. Aventador appears in cashe folder with every next time lumen started. It looks like aventador is sitting inside the scene model 

Issue. I can not find the folder location with vehicle files connected to scene model 

Exact question. Is there any chance to get rid of aventador and get back humans cars which was chosen originally ?

Goal. Not to lose all camera paths already created

Any ideas how to make lambo gone in 60 seconds ? More seconds accepted as well - exceptional case =)

CE Update 12