Render Dialog - differences between v8i and Connect

I'm sure these issues have been addressed, but could someone please explain why the two versions have such have such different render dialogs?

There are quite a few differences, so I've attached two images with v8i and CE dialogs and added notes to describe these differences/ GUI issues. One thing I haven't mentioned is the extreme delay in CE when closing the dialog after having performed a recent high resolution render (5000 pixels +).

A summary of some of the issues;

  • Truncated Light/ Environment/ Render icons.
  • Unable to Update Active Light and Sender setup dial-ins.
  • Saved View dimensions differ between v8i and CE.
  • Down arrow next to Render options performs render on second click. It should close the options.
  • Missing functions - Material Editor button, Delete Current Image, Copy to Clipboard. Why replace the last two with right-click>select?
  • Zoom function is hidden (the three dots are almost impossible to discover unless you know they're there. In v8i, Zoom is readily available with a simple drop-down and dial-in box)
  • Zoom to Fit in CE is now 4 clicks away. v8i had a single button.
  • The Zoom dialog in CE is cumbersome, sluggish and pixelated.
  • Overall, the CE Dialog looks and feels incomplete. v8i looks like the result of decades of development - CE looks like it was hastily cobbled together by multiple authors.

On the plus side - the renders are identical between the two, and CE shaves the render time by FOUR seconds.

Any comments would be welcome,




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