Problems with Windows display scaling and Microstation on UHD/ 4K monitors

CE: / v8i:

I found a couple of problems with the way Microstation handles Windows 10 display scaling for UHD/ 4K monitors. The first relates to the different ways a Saved View are interpreted between v8i and CONNECT. A Saved View created in v8i will not reproduce accurately in CONNECT when the recommended 150% scaling is applied in the Windows 10 Display Settings.

This is a problem when transitioning from v8i to CONNECT, because the size of saved views cannot be reproduced when I try to re-render scenes from old v8i files. The steps below are self explanatory. Please scroll further down this post for the second issue.

In both cases, one would expect Microstation to adapt to the Windows 10 “Recommended” settings, if Bentley has certified this edition for use with Windows 10.

The second issue is cosmetic, but annoying….

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