Material editor slow

Is this faster in new CONNECT ?

I mean - everytime  i use material editior -  even only change name - i must waiting and waiting. Why ?

Its only text in database i think. I change the SSD to the NVME and still this is so slow  ,  material editor read something - geometry ? why ?  I only want to change name or add new material.

See attachments.... Its taking many seconds....   Maybe i not understand this - but for example Google search can find many images, words, pages in one second,  and local material editior is working slow.

It is so frustrating after years.

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  • Newest and v8.

    Material are stored in project folder directly. On Nvme drive. But as i remeber always material editor works slowly if you have many palletes and material. Just need rewrite this system. In my opinion but i am not expert - it is simple database. Only text. It seems that it read all pallettes and materials and textures don't know from... every shape, mesh or something ?  after every open.  And after any change, name of material, brightness value etc