Animation basics with Microstation CONNECT?


I would like to start learning how to produce basic animations in Microstation CONNECT. The ai is to be able to animate the installation of objects within a system with those objects moving into position (i.e. being lifted from a flatbed and moved round above position and then dropping/movi into fina positon). 

I have done this sort of thing in 3D Max years ago and so have a little experience but nothing much to speak of in Microstation.

Looking through the LEARN server, there doesnt seem at be a learning path that suits my requirements.  Perhaps Im looking in the wring place?

Could anyone point me towards any material that would help e understand the basics and beyond.


  • If you have done animation in 3dmax, then you have basic principle. 

    In mstn the workflow is called "animation".

    As you need to learn: start from baby steps, avoid set the global target to produce Holywood film at once.

    There is a book: animation in microstation. It was written for older versions of microstatjon, but you will get the main idea quite quick.

    1) begin your learning experience from moving objects. Key frame animation there to help.

    2) next understand what is the 'actor's from mstn point of view, and start moving 'actors'.

    3) understand the camera behavior. And produce your animation from different cameras. Transition effects you mill do in external program for editing video clips. (That is much quicket).

    4) understand the camera movements. So you could produce your animation at once.

    5) then understand how you could animate "materials" attached to the objects.

    6) lights - that is easier, as not many parameters that you could change.

    Then complex animation and so on.

    Mstn is less intuitive than 3dmax for animation, but mstn is still powerful tool. And good fun too.

    Nikolay Vyglazov