LumenRT - Licensing - the 10 minute rule

I know I'll get shot down for posting in the wrong place, but I'd like to think I'm among friends in this group.

I recently purchased a second workstation with a RTX 6000 card specifically for rendering LumenRT files. My intended workflow is as follows;

  1. WORKSTATION A - modeling in Microstation, export to LumenRT. This opens up the LRT file in an instance of LumenRT.
  2. Close the file and copy it to WORKSTATION B (the RTX machine)
  3. Open the file in WORSTATION B for rendering in LumenRT.

In the past, if I did steps 2 and 3 within a 10 minute period I would be issued with a QTL which I cannot afford to pay.

Does this rule still apply?

I'd like a definitive answer so that I can point Bentley to this thread if I fall foul of their licensing laws.



  • Hi Max,

    I have had the same problem when attempting to find the cause of bugs in Lumenrt. It is frustrating but I finally resolved it after extensive discussions with the guys a Bentley.
    Ironically I have recently discovered, when needing to present two alternative very large projects to a client, that I can have two instances open at the same time on the same machine.
    My current work flow when working on large models (export time 60 minutes) is to start exporting it from Microstation on my RTX machine then continue modelling on my ROG laptop. However I have just realised I have two Microstation licences.
    It would be great if Bentley could solve this problem.
    Good luck.

    regards Martin
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  • Thanks for your reply, Martin. I suspect we could share many similar stories on this issue.

    A typical scenario on base Microstation was finishing some last minute work on my desktop, rushing to a client meeting with my laptop and then apologising to them saying I have to wait 10 minutes before showing the work to them because Bentley would charge me for 'over-using' my software. I hope this method of determining 'over-use' of both Microstation and LumenRT has been replaced with a more robust system. I've received emails talking about this, mentioning a new warning notification if 'over-use' is taking place - but have to say they're written in such unintelligible corporate jargon that I don't understand them.

    Fortunately, I learned early on that one could run as many instances of the software running on a single machine as you want (making multi-thread rendering possible) - but unfortunately I only have one Microstation license. I specifically don't want to install Microstation on my RTX machine due to the risk of running both at the same time and being whacked with a QTL.

    Looking forward to Bentley clarity on this,


  • Hi Max, I think about implementing a similar strategy at my office. What is QTL and how much is it?

  • The last QTL I received was for about $600 (in 2019) - pretty steep for a ten minute transgression.