LumenRT - Licensing - the 10 minute rule

I know I'll get shot down for posting in the wrong place, but I'd like to think I'm among friends in this group.

I recently purchased a second workstation with a RTX 6000 card specifically for rendering LumenRT files. My intended workflow is as follows;

  1. WORKSTATION A - modeling in Microstation, export to LumenRT. This opens up the LRT file in an instance of LumenRT.
  2. Close the file and copy it to WORKSTATION B (the RTX machine)
  3. Open the file in WORSTATION B for rendering in LumenRT.

In the past, if I did steps 2 and 3 within a 10 minute period I would be issued with a QTL which I cannot afford to pay.

Does this rule still apply?

I'd like a definitive answer so that I can point Bentley to this thread if I fall foul of their licensing laws.



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