LumenRT - "Scotopic"

In Rendering settings, there's a slider called named "Scotopic".

Online Help has no information about it. What does it do?

  • Hi Max,

    Indeed this setting is not obvious and should be documented.
    Scotopic vision is the vision of the eye under low-light levels.
    In these conditions, the human eye is more sensible to blue color, and this settings simulates this phenomenon.
    The effect is rather subtle, see images below (the car painting is pure white).


  • Thanks Alexandre, I can see this being useful. The first image looks like one of those bad movies where they put a filter over a day scene to make it look like night. Scotopic looks like it was successfully shot at night.

    There are a few other areas that are not documented - for instance, this obscure button labeled "Save window rect", which doesn't seem to do anything. If I enter these words into the Bentley LumenRT Help search box (which feels odd, because "rect" is not a word), there should at least be a hit to give some clue as to what this command actually does.

    Looking forward to Help being more useful in future editions,


  • About "save window rect" button:
    Here "rect" means "rectangle" (which is a diminutive used by developers but should probably not appear in a user interface).
    Pressing the button will record the current position and size of the LumenRT window, inside the .lrt file.
    So if you then save your file and re-open it, the window will be moved to its previous position.

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