LumenRT - flicker

When exporting movies from large scenes, I'm getting severe atmospheric flickering in the distance. It appears to be a fluctuation in the "Clear/ Hazy" setting, but even appears if I turn Hazy right down to Clear and Aerial down to 0%.

I've checked on the usual suspects;

Please let me know what else I should try to fix this.

I'll upload the DGN and LRT now.


  • Max,

    Am I correct in assuming that you are using LumenRT Update 15?

    I noticed a similar flickering issue when I installed the latest version of LumenRT (Update 15). It didn't occur until after the update.

    I asked Jerry about the issue. He thought it could be related to the denoiser of the new RTX features in LumenRT. I don't think that was causing my issue because didn't launch LumenRT with the .bat file, so I wasn't using the RTX features. 

    Since the issue only started after installing Update 15, my only solution was to uninstall Update 15 and reinstall Update 14. The problem with downgrading is that if you made changes to the scene with the Update 15 you can no longer open it with Update 14. Luckily I had only added some trees, so after a new export to Update 14 I only had to repaint those trees into the scene.

    I plan don't plan on updating LumenRT until this issue is resolved.

    Your question reminded me about this issue, so I just submitted a service request {SrvReqNo:[7001262142]} in regards to this issue.


  • Yesterday I got this response from Bentley Support:

    Hello Ron,
    I would like to inform you that this issue resulted is Defect Report: Defect number 584381, and will be evaluated by the product management team for our regular SELECT updates.
    Ankur Ashesh

    Hopefully the fix is in next release.

  • Interesting - the response to mine went a little further;

    "The issue has been fixed in upcoming released of LumenRT update 16. It will be out in next few weeks from now. Regards, Ankur Ashesh."

    Let's hope those will be a short few weeks...

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