LumenRT - flicker

When exporting movies from large scenes, I'm getting severe atmospheric flickering in the distance. It appears to be a fluctuation in the "Clear/ Hazy" setting, but even appears if I turn Hazy right down to Clear and Aerial down to 0%.

I've checked on the usual suspects;

Please let me know what else I should try to fix this.

I'll upload the DGN and LRT now.


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  • Hello Max,

    There is no workaround to the following concern,

    If we have so, I could have share with you previously.

    Very sorry for the trouble you are facing now,

    We are going to release the LumenRT update 16 very soon.

    one thing I can help you with from my end is, if you have the video to render only 

    you can share the file with me along with the amination sequences and I will try to render the video at my end.



    Ankur Ashesh