LumenRT - populate with fish?

Hi There,

I have a lumeRT file, I have managed to populate the sky with seagulls [which fits really nicely as I happen to be modeling a boat in the ocean].

I have found you can add fish through the same hierarchical tree as add character>populate> then choose animal tab and choose a fish. I have managed to populate an area with these fish, but I seem to be unable to scale or modify the fish. Also fish placed this way don't appear to actually move, the tail moves in a swimming motion but the fish stays static.

Would it be possible to populate with fish in the same way the sky is populated with birds, through the sun & atmosphere tab? having them swim around.

Is it possible to get other items to populate a scene with. currently I have access to a limited number of fish. Where could I get models for whales, sharks, dolphins [yes I know it's a mammal - but...] fish that are bigger?