Target Oriented Camera - create saved view defined by rotation degree

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This is a related question to a thread I started the other day:-

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I have created a target oriented camera, and am able to rotate the camera around the object by degrees. I'm testing rotating the camera by 5 degrees and creating a saved view. Is there away [coding?/ vba script?] to automate this process, as manually rotating the camera 5 degrees > creating a saved view > then rotating the camera 5 degrees again> save view etc..... is very time consuming.

at 5 degress this give 72 images for a complete 360 revolution around the object [at a given elevation] these can be imported into a program which creates an html user controlable animation.

I can increase the elevation and do another 72 images revolution to allow the user to rotate above as well as around the model.

So, manually moving the camera by degrees and creating saved views is time consuming and I'd like to move this process to the computer to do for me - is this possible, or has anyone  got  any bright ideas??