VUE rendering

I have had MS CE Update 16 loaded for about a week now and have been trying out the VUE rendering with very little success!

I have been using Microstation for close to twenty years now and although I'm far from an expert on creating rendered images of our ships I believe, in the past, I have had been able to get reasonable results with previous editions of Microstation. In addition I was able to pretty quickly adapt to any changes as updates were loaded. However, so far getting any sort of reasonable results from Update 16 and the VUE rendering engine really has me perplexed.  

Below is an image created using the Luxology rendering engine from my pre update 16 version of Microstation and below that an image of exactly the same view with the exact same materials and lighting using the VUE render engine. To my eye the first image is acceptable and the second image is complete rubbish. On top of that, the Luxology render took about 4 minutes to render and the VUE version  nearly 29 minutes and pretty much stopped me from doing any other operations on my computer whilst it was processing.

Has anyone else had similar problems and more importantly is there an easy fix that I'm missing here?