VUE renderer in MS CE - still pretty much useless...

I downloaded the latest MS CE16 and tried to render some of my projects. Unfortunately, VUE still produces very, very poor results. Here is a couple of screenshots:

Demo no.1 - a view was rendered with Maxwell renderer (I have a token for Maxwell renderer for CE16). Rendering was slower than with VUE but materials look good and RPC cells render fine, too.

Demo no. 2 - The same view was rendered with VUE & path renderer. All materials look strange and RPC cells are gone...

Demo no. 3 - the same view was rendered with VUE & ray tracing. The image looks just as bad as demo number 2

I am seriously worried because my Maxwell token will stop working after 31.12.2021. That means, there is less than two months left and VUE is still pretty much useless for production...

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  • Hi Yrjo,

    I am sorry if I sound upset but I am seriously upset regarding the recent 'development' of the renderin engine.

    I think you are not alone.

    After years, when Luxology / modo was used, existing knowledge base (discussions, materials created by Jerry etc.) allows to find a solution or at least the right direction.

    Now, everything is different, moreover it often does not work. I would expect quick intros / tutorials for all typical situations, where VUE is different, like "When RPC cells are used", "When XFrog cells are used", "When grass or fur material need to be used" (which is always), "When new tree, plant ... need to be defined" etc., because they are tasks common to the most of visualizations.

    For me, as "visualization amateur" (and need it only few times per year), it's easier to use anything else but not VUE in MicroStation, because I will quickly find explanations and tutorials how to do any task in software like Blender, for example. Information and videos about how great is Nvidia denoiser in VUE are completely useless in this situation.