Need Help Resolving Issue

 I recently started using this Lumenrt Software, it has better graphics than Autodesk Infraworks but I DID NOT find it as user-friendly as Infraworks though. Here I am dealing with many issues, like:

1. When imported through "I model hub" a Synchro project, it appears to be floating and when I try to move it using Gizmo it doesn't seem to budge.

2. It also exhibits all the elements that are unloaded in synchro, which makes it difficult to hide that element in Lumenrt, as LumenRT does not allow me to select each individual object. I am also not sure if there is any option like select to filter and to mass select the objects.

3. Is there any email address like for one synchro support has to ask any question about Lumenrt?

Thank you!

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