LumenRT v Lumeon v enscape

I have been reviewing and talking to other peers and I can safely say LumenRT is below par when it comes to its competitors.  

LumenRT is below par in these areas:

  • Performance/speed
  • Value for money (twice+ the price)
  • Render quality
  • Render times
  • Material library
  • Object library

However, there are functions that LumenRT is better at, but overall this is below par and needs some serious development/research into what the competition can offer and bring LumenRT up to speed and beat the others

Bentley need to reach out to key users in this field and work with real life data and try to make LumenRT work, work better, work faster and ..............

Question: Would I spend £3.5k on LumenRT or spend £1.3k on a competitor.... what do you think