LumenRT v Lumeon v enscape

I have been reviewing and talking to other peers and I can safely say LumenRT is below par when it comes to its competitors.  

LumenRT is below par in these areas:

  • Performance/speed
  • Value for money (twice+ the price)
  • Render quality
  • Render times
  • Material library
  • Object library

However, there are functions that LumenRT is better at, but overall this is below par and needs some serious development/research into what the competition can offer and bring LumenRT up to speed and beat the others

Bentley need to reach out to key users in this field and work with real life data and try to make LumenRT work, work better, work faster and ..............

Question: Would I spend £3.5k on LumenRT or spend £1.3k on a competitor.... what do you think


  • Hello Ian,

    Will it be great if you can share some video or images for us to have a look.

    The point you mention is also depend on the model size and what you want to render ?

    LumenRT is the one which can handle big model with ease, we have used other application which even can handle big size model.

    Never a less we would love to get some points to make it better application always for you guys.

    For @Material we have added new lib files for Update 16.

    For @Object Library we have stared working and by the end of this year we will have something new.

    For Render time please feel free to share some results and sample file so that we can start testing and make it better for future.

    For Render Quality we are working to improve with RTX version which is already provided some results for update 16

    And For performance please also share some results and sample file which we can have a look.

    Again Thank you Ian for sharing and highlighting the point we will have a look to this.



    Ankur Ashesh

  • We too have client's who lament at the lack of finesse LumentRT has in comparison to it's competition.

    Some will go to the hassle of exporting DGN models to DWG just so that they can get the look and feel, both graphically and in ease of use, that they get from the competing tools.

    Things that are often raised:

    - Lack of detailed documentation (many options do not seem to have explanation)
    - Difficult to manage interface (Sliders are all in fly out menus that need to be expanded - rather then just being well laid out on an off screen pop up menu.
    - Lack of customisable mouse/keyboard mapping.  
    - Lack of non perspective Elevation Plan Views 
    - Inability to import/export preferred settings (or setting up seed/template for company pre-sets)
    - Rendering (materials) look "plastic" and over saturated
    - It's not obvious where to source additional content (characters/cars) 
    - Very little control over Non photorealistic styles (eg hidden lines with shading, white card model, line thickness etc.
    - Watermarking saved images in designer mode is also annoying when it is licensed through MicroStation - its not a trial mode

  • Hi Gary, the reply to your question is, very successful exporting a .fbx from MS and importing into Lumion works very well, but is is better and faster to do all your material attributions in Lumion,

    for example this attached image took 50 seconds to render, snow and landscape import all part of the Lumion package.

  • Interesting. I will certainly look into this. Thanks.

    Gary Manuel

    OBD Update

    Windows 10 Pro

  • There was a time when MS was ahead on rendering but that's long gone. Since the release of Lumion 8 I also made the switch (3 years ago) No regrets whatsoever, on the contrary, it boosted the joy of rendering back in to me! I certainly can recommend Lumion 12 now.


  • A quick but important question, if a MS model is exported to Lumion and the Lumion Scene is dressed up, can the same MS model be re-exported into the same scene without having to re-dress the scene? 

    Gary Manuel

    OBD Update

    Windows 10 Pro

  • Yes sure, very easy. Just click "reload" icon and your are done. 

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