New Glass and Eco System Materials

Hello everyone, Steve Rick here posting up some new content for our Visualization people. There will be Four separate downloads for this post. First will be a dgnlib and .mat files for a preliminary exposure to Eco Systems primarily replacing fur growth that we had in the Luxology rendering engine. I believe most people used fur growth for grass and a few used it for distant trees utilizing the billboards technology. The Eco Systems I have created are primarily for grass rocks and distant trees. I have also included some flower beds and hedges. Please give these a try in the new Vue Rendering engine and let us know your concerns and comments. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

I created a Video to show how to install these resources (Link Below) and at the time I had it as two downloads. This site would not allow me to upload the Eco Systems because it is 2.6 Gig. I had to break them up into smaller .zip files so now I have 2 material zip files and 1 other for the Eco Systems Dgnlib and PDF with instructions, as well as the new glass materials

 The fourth download is a material pallet for glass. Due to the differences between Luxology and Vue the glass must be handled in a different way, so we reconfigured the glass materials and delivered them in a new glass pallet.

 There are instructions for installing these resources included in the downloads and a video (Link Below)

 I am also working on an instructional video series for the Vue Rendering Engine. There are 12 videos posted so far and I'm working on more. The videos are posted on our YouTube channel, and I have included a link below for easy access. I have started with the basics and will continue with more advanced content as time goes on. We are covering one command at a time and keeping the videos between 5 and 10 minutes long. The videos get right to the point on a specific command, so you are not wasting your time searching an hour-long video to find the one thing you need.


Once again, we welcome any comments, suggestions and ideas about format and content.


Thanks in advance for your comments and ideas. Please enjoy.


Eco Systems Material Download

Ecosystem DGNLIB and Installation


Glass Material Download


Link to video How to Install Eco Systems and Glass Pallet. 


Link to YouTube Visualization Video Series


Steven C. Rick

Senior Consultant, Bentley Systems Inc.