Drape Photo from View Window Background?

Is there a way to drape a photo or texture from a image defined as the View Windows background?

Mstn's old Photomatch tool workflow is based on assigning a photo to the View Window background. Then matching points in a 3d model to points on the photo.

This is OK for positioning the photo as a background but not very useful for detailed modeling.

I was wondering if once the positioning was set up, it would be posible to drape or project the photo onto the 3d geometry. See this Sketchup example, which is I think uses the photo plane's normal as the projection angle.

Once the photo is 'baked' on to the 3d wall, floor, ceiling planes, the user can then trace over the texture info, modeling using the usual Mstn tools. No need to fix each object using the Photomatch tool.

For a lot of jobs, its about cataloging furniture, fittings and equipment within a room. The objects are already available as 3d CAD elements and there is a need to avoid laser scanning or even Matterport type scans.