FBX Export settings dialog

I frequently export FBX files from CE. Can someone advise on how I can create a shortcut to call up the dialog, and change the default settings permanently ?



  • I've had no response to this - perhaps someone knows how to change the default settings for other dialogs and I'll work it out from there.


  • I know your pain Max, I frequently export my models out to FBX and then import that into Unity. Different files require different Stroke Tolerances and it would be so helpful if the DGN file could remember those settings. I’m using V8i SS3 and even though I don’t have a solution for saving the various settings, the following keyin should allow you to at least activate the dialog box via a Function key on your keyboard. I don’t see why it shouldn’t but I don’t know for sure if MicroStation CE uses this same syntax...

    MDL KEYIN fbxexport dialog fbx

    The other thing that I dearly wish that the FBX exporter would do is name the meshes as per their material names instead of just mesh, mesh1, mesh2, mesh3, etc. Unity does a great job of propagating tweaks to new versions of an FBX file but there are plenty of times where MicroStation’s simplistic naming scheme causes all sorts of conflicts. Other 3D applications name their meshes by their material name and as a result, Unity keeps perfect track of the changes to geometry in newly imported FBX files.

  • Thanks Andrew,

    I recall your pioneering work on export to Unity, so I know we're in the same boat (although my use for FBX is Twinmotion and not Unity).

    Your Function key keyin is useful - has saved me three clicks (File>Export>FBX) - but I hope someone will still advise on how a bunch of tool dialog default settings can be changed permanently across other tools too. For instance, the default settings for Create Region seem completely un-intuitive as a starting point for the intention of the tool. I want it to Flood (not Intersection), and I want it to flood with something (not None), and I want to Keep Original. Currently, I have to change all those settings first before even using the tool. I'd like to change the defaults so that I can get up and running with my habitual workflows.

    On FBX material names - yes, that's another can of worms. My current gripe is that different material names are assigned across the same material based on their Model name. Here's an example. I want a BRICK material in Microstation to be translated to FBX as nothing more than "BRICK" (not BRICK_Ref_Ref-1_FBX_MATS.dgn_BLDG_3_MATS_2a8_vis).

    By the way, the one improvement CE has made over v8i is that you can now force double sided materials to FBX. It's the only reason I use CE (other than keeping up with DWG import versions).


  • Hello Max

    As a workaround, you can place the attached VBA macro at location pointed by 'MS_VBASEARCHDIRECTORIES'

    and use the Keyin           vba load Test; vba run SetFBX    every time in a new session before you Export to FBX .

    (you can create as a shortcut or an Function key for the keyin)

    The Macro set the settings ( which you can edit in the VBA as per your requirement) , which will be retained in that microstation session