Timescale for Vue to be fully working?

Can Bentley please confirm the expected timescale for the Vue engine to be fully functional? It's about a year or more since luxology was retired and it is still a struggle to produce images consistently with Vue.

the inability to produce ambient occlusion layers from Path Tracing, and issues with lack of control on reflections if they show, full layers not exporting correctly etc etc....

Previous versions of MS had so many bugs with parametrics that we cannot go back to older versions, yet the change to Vue is preventing us moving forward....

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  • Hi Duncan,

    If you use Packager to gather the materials that would be great. I usually sort by file location and unselect all the delivered files from C:\ProgramData\Bentley\connectsharedcontent to make the Packager file smaller. When you create the file you can change the extension from pzip to zip then you can open it like any zip file you don't need MicroStation.

    Please create saved views if you don't already have them and any Luxology renders that you were happy with and can't get the same or better results and I will work through the steps required to get even better results with VUE;-)



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