(Edit: Missing PBR Materials) Some Microstation Textures don't show up in mtl file

Hello Bentley Community,

I'm using - Microstation V8 Version [3D - V8 - DGN]

When exporting a 3D shape with a texture like (V8) Wood46, I receive the link for the texture in my *.*mtl file.

But it doesn't work for (V8) Metals - Aluminum, or (V8) Glass, there I only receive a blank space instead of a reference.

Any ideas?

best regards



Is there any way to receive missing PBR Materials?

As it seems I got "Aluminum_Brushed_baseColor" and many of the other metal sets are missing, same goes for 

Glass / Metal / Interior Finishes / Glow / Clearcoat_Paints / Design_Luxology_Presets / Design_Finishes


Installing microstation on a different PC netted the same result of missing PBR_Materials in it's corresponding folder.

It seems really strange to me that you can apply microstation V8 preset materials to objects, render them, but you'll not receive any visual indication if those materials can even be exported or not. 

But maybe I'm missing the obvious point behind this feature.

  • Hi Wilbert,

    Sounds like you are exporting to OBJ if that's the case you should use legacy materials to my knowledge OBJ MTL files do support PBR materials.

    The delivered materials are here C:\ProgramData\Bentley\connectsharedcontent\materials by default we now read the material definitions which use PBR materials from this same folder and are in the Bentley_Materials.dgnlib. If you prefer to use the legacy materials these definitions are stored in a file with the same name but located here C:\ProgramData\Bentley\connectsharedcontent\materials\Legacy_Materials. You could rename the one in the materials folder to Bentley_Materials.dgn so it is no longer seen as a library file and copy the one from the legacy_materials folder and place it into the materials folder.

    When you render in MicroStation you have the option to use legacy materials at render time you can also toggle PBR material on or off in the material editor.


    I suggest you try using the PBR materials and when you want to export to OBJ you can toggle the PBR definition off for the materials you want to export. I think this could be added to the OBJ exporter easily enough in the future so getting the legacy definition would be automatic. If you are creating files for the purpose of export to OBJ just don't use PBR materials.



    Answer Verified By: Wilbert Haas 

  • Hello Jerry,

    thank you for your time and tips, at least I see now if a pattern map is defined or not!

    I believed that it is possible to export all Original Microstation Textures, which isn't the case if the pattern map isn't defined and can be found here:


    Cheers Wilbert

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