Vue Rendering Settings

Can the settings of Vue Rendering be saved?

Every time I had to go through multiple settings to get the right result. As well I need to create a file as template to many colleagues with the same settings to be used.

  • Hi Roumen,

    The Atmospheres or Environments and render settings are all stored in a DGN Library file located here C:\Program Files\Bentley\MicroStation CONNECT Edition\MicroStation\Default\Dgnlib\Render the file is named Render.dgnlib I would not recommend editing this file as it would change the next time you update. You can create a clean 3d dgn and make your own render settings in it. Once you have your file ready you can change the file's extension from .dgn to .dgnlib and copy it to the same folder as Render.dgnlib.

    Once you have copied the DGN library file into this folder every file you open will see these setups just as you see the ones we deliver, you can edit these settings in a session and we create a local version if the local version differs then you will see a triangle showing that it is not in sync. You can right-click on the setup name to copy from the library or reset it then you should see a checkmark indicating that it is in sync or matches the library version.

    I have attached an example file with a couple of setups and one new atmosphere, note you should not use the same names for setups or atmospheres in the render.dgnlib file.

    Light setups are not read from a DGN library so they can't be saved. You can add setups to the seed file used to create the DGN file for example if you create your file from 3D Metric Design.dgn you will see that the Light Manager has Morning, Afternoon, and Evening.