Solar settings Vue Renderer

I am fairly new to the Vue renderer but have been using Luxology a lot. I often use it for photomontages and it is not unusual that the images I have to work with are cloudy with low contrasts like the picture below. To match that light in the rendered building I use to set high Cloudiness. But when I do that in Vue it does not affect the rendering, neither does Solar Intensity. Is there some other setting blocking these settings?

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  • Hi Fanny,

    This a bug and there is a TR for it, we always render an alpha channel so this should work. Currently, to add a background you have to set the atmosphere to none when you render then the option is available however you lose the atmospheric sky lighting. Because we always render an alpha you can save the render to a file and use the alpha channel to add a background in an image editor such as Photoshop, Gimp Etc.

    This should be fixed in the next release.



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