Visualization Layout

Good morning,

I need information about how it is possible to use and what can be done with the "Visualization Layout".

I guess there is possible to insert lights and props without them showing in 3D Metric Design, is that correct?

Or would it be more correct, in general, to create a new model in which the 3d Metric Design is inserted as a reference and create the whole scene (lights and props) there without "dirtying" the 3d Metric Design model?

Thank you,


  • Hi Diego,

    I created the Visualization Layout because the view group in the modeling seed file was set up for modeling and not visualization. When you create a new file from a seed file, you will get whatever you have added to that seed file. The Visualization Layot was the name I gave the View Group to switch easily between modeling and Visualization. If you open Light Manager in the seed file and add light setups then those will be seen in the newly created design file that used that seed file. I added to the 3DMetric seed Light Setting for Morning, Afternoon, and Evening which are different solar times you will see these when you open Light Manager.