Problem with Photomatching ( update background image )

I notice some problem v8, Connect, 2023

when i want to make another view photomatching -  i need to delete previous image from raster manager and load new to photomatching.

But it looks that still previous image is in cache and you need to delete and load it once again to works.

Btw maybe is possible to attach raster and add switch for Photomaching  because sometimes is problem when you have many rasters attached as map or something

i mean good if in Raster images have marked  Photomatching 1, 2 etc and you can have it all to just on and off.


  • Hi Martin,

    I never use the raster file once I have the match I save the view so I can recall it and get the aspect ratio correct. t then detach the raster and use the photo as a background image which lets you tweak the gamma correction. I have been doing it this way since we added the gamma correction for the background image so for at least 15 years.

    Try this method and let me know what you think.



  • Hi Jerry

    my problem is that i need photomatching few images - for example 12 matching need

    One image is drape for terrain for example. When i make photomatching it makes some problem. But it is small problem.

    Bigger is that i set up photmatching nr 1 > save image view  >  now i want photmatching nr 2.

    So i need delete photo nr 1 from raster manager ( why ? maybe we can just add new photomatching image ? )

    But ok - i delete image photo nr 1  and  will make photomatching nr 2 ( photomatching tool ask me for browse image - this is ok ) but  it seems when photmaching 2 there is still photo nr 1 in zoom preview ( like in sitll in memory )  - so i need once again delete image ( nr 2 now ) from raster manager and start photomatching again.... 

  • Hi Jerry - but propably you not understand ( or i am not clear - its more propable ;)  Can you make video ? Here is mine video >   I still have same image.  I have a project and i need to make for example 12 photomaches. From 12 points of view. I am not talking  about Visualisations. Just prepare views. So - i must choose Photomatch command. It asks - choose photo.  So i choose a photo and this photo is going to raster manager - right ? So i make first photomatch and save my view.  Now i want to make second photomach from other point. I choose once again Photomatch tool but... oops i need to delete first image i take by tool from raster manager - right ? So i delete this image from raster manager.

  • Hi Martin,

    Once you have the photo match and saved the view you can detach the raster reference and use the tool again to get another match save the view.... repeat. The photo match tool adjusts the camera parameters to get the match whoever created the tool chose to use a raster reference file to make the tool work but once you have used it and have the match you no longer need the raster attached. Use the corresponding photo for each match as the view background.

    The critical thing to remember to get successful matches is to make sure the view you are going to match is set to exactly the same aspect ratio as the photo. You will need to do this to add the photo as a background.

    I suppose it would be nice if the saved view information also stored the name and path of the background image for what you are trying to do. I believe we only store the attribute on or off for the view background.



  • Jerry i understand this. The problem is that you need detach previous raster and attach next raster. But when you make photomatch still previous raster is in memory. I notice some bug. I need to delete once again attached correct second raster and reattach. 

  • Okay now I understand we will check this it indeed sounds like a bug.



  • Hi Martin, 

    We currently cannot have 2 simultaneous photomatch and have to remove the first image from the raster manger. I will create a PBI for this. You mentioned that the previous images sometimes displays for a while... does a few refresh updates , correct the data ?

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