Assigning materials to parametric and nested cells

Dear All

We have started using BRCM models along with OpenBuildings and OpenPlant models on multi-disciplinary projects. I have found some difficulty with the assignment of materials in the BRCM files, as well as with some nested or grouped elements in OpenBuildings files, can anyone shed some light please?

In our OpenBuildings models, the materials are assigned by the data set using Parts and Families. Elements that are grouped (I really hate Ctrl-G!!) or nested cells resist any materials being assigned or attached to them, but in OBD if they can be dropped I can get around it.

The parametric cells in BRCM files are more troublesome because I cannot drop them without losing their integrity. Even assigning the materials by means of levels does not work.

Are there any suggestions for how materials in BRCM can be managed and integrated with the OBD models?



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