MicroStation Friendly 3D File Formats

I'm working on behalf of a DOT to get some 3D models from Pictometry.  Here's a list of 3D file formats they list on some literature:

• ESRI ArcGlobe 9.2
• Viewtec encrypted file format (*.ivc)
• OpenFlight files (*.flt)
• Autodesk 3D Studio files (*.3ds)
• VRML 1.0/VRML97 files (*.wrl)
• Wavefront files (*.obj)
• LightWave Object files (*.lwo)
• LightWave Scene files (*.lws)
• Design Workshop files (*.dw)
• Geo files (*.geo)
• OSG files (*.osg)
• IVE files (*.ive)

Does anyone have experience with this vendor or these file formats that can tell me what file format(s) are recommended for use within MicroStation V8i?  Thank you!

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