3 Viz Questions for layouts and rendered views

Dear all,

I am using  V8i SS3 version 08,11,09,237.

I enjoy very much its improvements but am wondering about some things which seem to limit me whenxtracting information for layouts.


1. Why is the modelling environment so dark?, I have pushed the default lighting all the way to the max and still would like more light. Is there something like notch 11/10 to push things further?

2.The illustartaion with shadows looks awesome, but when I stick the saved view on a sheet I get no shadows any more; is there a work around this?

3. What print drivers should be used to get the best output from my rendered views (illustartion-section cuts etc) once in a sheet. The rastered pdf is kind of so-so especially when having text on the sheet.


Any help and feedback would be hugely apreciated.



It is so dark in here! make there be light!